Cancer Party Andrew Raymond Drennan


“Much in common with Irvine Welsh” – The Scottish Review of Books

“A molotov cocktail in the face of Scottish literature” – Scottish Literary Voice

Product Description

It’s a freezing Glasgow winter. It’s 1997. New Labour is in power. Things can only get better. Following New Labour’s sweep to power, a generation of teens – rich and poor – known only as the GOMA Kids, drift aimlessly into self-destruction. Spinning through a relentless winter of decadent parties, Adam is just trying to survive, dealing in prescription drugs to his capricious, theatrically-depressed, clientele. Still grieving his mother’s death from cancer, and an ever-absent father, Adam tries to blot out his bleak and alcoholically bitter landscape, but Scotland appears to be looking for light – no matter how artificial – in all the wrong places.

Satirical, funny and riotously shocking and anarchic, Cancer Party is a revolutionary debut from a terrific new author.


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