The Moira Monologues

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You’ll fall in love with Falkirk’s hardest woman-Moira Bell. Join her as she belts out karaoke, goes out on a date, defends wee Pepe from a Rottweiler and enjoys all the pain of being a Scotland fan in a tour-de-force performance from Scotland’s best writer-performer, Alan Bissett. The enhanced ebook from Cargo Crate comes with a live audio performance by Alan at the National Library of Scotland.

“A rising star…A roaring theatrical success… one the most charismatic characters to emerge in Scottish theatre this decade…This is brilliant stuff, an exhilaratingly fresh take on the whole business of class and culture in Scotland. It’s also so funny that some in the audience were literally shouting with laughter.”

**** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“One of the leading lights of a vibrant, young Scottish literary scene. He’s also, it turns out, a pretty fine performer.”

**** Alice Jones, The Independent

“By playing it fearlessly straight, Bissett makes for the most believable of neighbourhood gossips.”

**** Neil Cooper, The Herald

“An often side-splittingly funny show that gleefully tramples over all clichés about class.”

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